How Many Calories To Build Muscle

CaloriesWhen you’re planning your diet to make sure that you can build muscle, you must recognize that 90% of people under-eat when it comes to eating to build muscle.

You have to consume a huge amount of calories EACH AND EVERY DAY to spur muscle growth; in excess of 4000 calories, if you want to do it right and sure that you’re hitting other nutritional goals and benchmarks.

If you don’t reach these goals, then no matter how much time you spend in the gym pumping, you will not gain weight or get any stronger.

The Long and Short About Fat

When you’re eating to gain weight that you’ll then convert to muscle, you can’t be afraid of putting on a certain amount of bodyfat. In fact you have to put on excess weight in order to gain the muscle mass that you want.

However, it’s much easier to cut back on the calories, lose the bodyfat and MAINTAIN the muscle mass that you’re striving for.

What you don’t want is empty calories, which are basically calories that have little to no nutritional value (can we say “soda” or “candy” or “ice cream”). Don’t fool yourself into thinking that these are quality calories, as all they’ll do is add the bad kind of fat to your system.

Also these empty calories usually come from fatty foods that are working against your progress goals.

Energy Balance

Energy Balance is the caloric-based formula that determines your calories-in versus your calories-out to estimate who much you need to eat in order to consistently gain the weight that you want.

To achieve the caloric intake that you need to build the kind of muscle mass that will turn heads, you’re probably going to have to drink a post-workout protein shake.

The best of these help with your recovery process, provide you with 25g to 45g of protein, and provide 600+ calories… all things that might be difficult to do during your “snack” meals (this based on a 6x day eating schedule).

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