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Many people, upon entering an exercise facility for the first time, wonder how to work out at the gym. Just getting inside the building is the first step.

A person who doesn’t know much about exercise and training may feel overwhelmed by the sight of all the equipment, and be perplexed at what the patrons are doing with dumbbells and cable machines.

During just about any time at a busy health club are a few, if not more than several, individuals who clearly are lost, visiting one piece of equipment after another with no rhyme or reason, or picking up various dumbbells and going through half-baked motions without any focus.

Tips On Working Out At The Gym

1. Don’t Copy Other Members

At Gym Copying Other Members

The person you decide to mimic may be doing a routine completely wrong and risking injury in the process. If this person has a great body, don’t assume that he or she got this physique from the exercise you’re witnessing at that very moment.

2. Read Instructions On The Machines

Instruction Gym Machine

Equipment has diagrams of muscle groups worked and sometimes offers brief guidelines in usage.

Look for wall posters showing illustrations of exercises. Some machine stations have posters with illustrations of various moves that can be performed with the apparatus.

3. Don’t Rush

Rush Exercise

A ton of options doesn’t mean one must hurry. Breathe deeply, relax, and take your time. You don’t have to hit every muscle group in a single session, nor do you have to walk out of the gym feeling beaten.

Beginners need to acquaint themselves with various apparatus and find what feels comfortable and what does not.

4. See If Machines Are Grouped By Body Part Worked

Some gyms group machines by color, e.g., shoulder-targeting equipment is maroon; leg-targeting equipment is grey, etc.

Color coding means that equipment for various muscle groups is clustered together. You won’t find chest equipment between the leg equipment when it’s color coded.

5. Stay In One Area

Gym Dumbbells Area

If the sights and sounds are overwhelming, work out in one section of the gym. This may be the area where dumbbells are racked.

It may be a section where there are various implements like tension bands, kettlebells, stepping stools and weighted bars. It may be the leg equipment section, or the cable machine section.

6. Focus On Just One Particular Mode Of Exercise

Stick to just the cables, or just to machines where you stick a “pin” in a weight stack, or it may be strictly dumbbells.

7. Don’t Overdo It Or Try To See How Much You Can Lift

Don’t load up a bar and see how much you can bench press. If all you can push is the bar, or the bar with just small weights added to it, then accept that and work on getting stronger, not showing off.

8. Don’t Compare Yourself To Other Members

Gym Comparing Yourself

If the big bruiser nearby can lift a pile of weights, remind yourself that he had to start from somewhere.

If the woman nearby has a killer body, and the teen boy she’s with just called her “Grandma,” admire her but don’t get discouraged about your own situation.

For all you know, this lady was in sad shape five years ago and could barely get up a flight of stairs.

9. Don’t Assume Other People Are Watching You

People work out because they’re caught up with their own bodies, not that of a stranger’s. Don’t ever avoid venturing into a specific area of the gym because “all the hard bodies” are there.

Maybe the reason all the hard bodies are there is because that section of the gym has great equipment.

10. Return Weights To Their Proper Storage Area

Be a good sport; when you’re finished using loose weights, return them to their racks or pegs, even if you’re fatigued. Consider this part of the workout.

Workout Routine For Woman At The Gym

Womam Workout Gym

Women are subject to the same guidelines as are men, as far as the proper way to work out at the gym. When it comes to strength training, women tend to want to work their legs, abdominal area and the back of their upper arms more than any other parts of their body.

Again, it’s not a smart idea to watch what a woman with perfect legs is doing and then try to copy it. She may make it look easy, but then if a novice attempts it, injury could result.

An example might be a woman doing switch jumps while holding dumbbells. This move is not advised for a beginner.

Guidelines For Lifting Weights Regardless Of Type Of Equipment

  • Important GuidelinesAlways warm up with light weights for 10 minutes.
  • Work on perfecting form before moving on to heavy or challenging weight loads.
  • Never hold your breath during a lift. Exhale on the lift (push or pull) and inhale on the lowering of the weight (or release of it).

Example: Exhale as you pull resistance towards your chest for a seated row, and inhale as you release the weight to its starting point.

  • Work large muscle groups first. Example: Work the chest before the triceps.
  • Don’t work the same muscle group two days in a row.
  • You don’t need to hit every muscle group in one session.
  • If you feel done in 40 minutes, you’re done.

Remember, there is no deadline. Give your body time to acclimate to different exercises and routines, and don’t try to accomplish everything at once or break records.

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