How To Build Chest Muscles Fast & Successfully

Chest MusclesIf there’s one thing that many guys want to know, it’s how to build chest muscles. Let’s face it, the chest is one of the most coveted parts of the body and for good reason. A powerful chest is going to make you look strong, defined, and overall a lot more masculine.

Plus, having well developed chest muscles will also give you a broader appearance, really increasing the overall look of your physique in general.

But how do you really go about building chest muscles? Is it really possible for everyone to build a bigger chest or are there some genetic limitations over how large you can get?

Let’s have a look at a few of the key tips that you need to know in order to build chest muscles fast.

1) Focus On Heavy Compound Movements

Gym WorkoutFirst things first, if you want to learn how to build chest muscles, you absolutely must be lifting heavy. Simply put, adding more quality muscle mass will primarily come down to you lifting more weight on the bar.

And, which exercises allow you to lift more weight?

Compound exercises do, which is why they should be the primary focus. Great compound exercises to help you build chest muscle include the bench press, the incline bench press, the decline bench press, as well as dips.

The great thing with all the bench press variations is that they’ll hit the chest muscles from a slightly different angle, therefore increasing the total stimulation the chest receives.

In order to make the most progress from your workout to build a bigger chest, you must keep changing things around. If you do this, the muscles will never know what’s coming next and will continue to respond as you attack them using different methods.

2) Remember, Size Increases Require Calorie Support

Calories S

The second thing to note if you want to learn how to build big chest muscles is that you must eat to grow. So many guys make this critical mistake.

They do into the gym, put in as much hard work as they possibly can manage, but then completely neglect their diet. If you do this, you are headed for an uphill battle – a battle that you likely won’t win.

If you want to get bigger and stronger, you need the calorie support to do so. If you’ve been working hard in the gym and have not seen any size gains whatsoever, that’s a very good indication that you’re likely consuming too few calories.

Increase your calorie intake by around 200-300 calories per day and get ready to start seeing some massive size growth.

3) Provide Sufficient Rest

The next element in the equation to build a bigger chest is to make sure that you’re providing sufficient rest.

Here’s another big mistake that’s very often made. The thinking process is that the more work you can do for your chest, the faster they will grow.

But, you need to remember that when you’re in the gym attacking your chest with all the various exercises, you’re actually breaking those muscle fibers down.

If you then go back into the gym for another chest workout before those muscle fibers have had a chance to fully rebuild themselves, all you’re doing is breaking them down further.

Break them down too much and you’ll actually get weaker and smaller rather than larger and stronger.

Rest is a huge component to success so make sure the rest is in there that you need. Take at least 48 hours off between any chest workout to ensure maximum recovery.

4) Consider The Pre-Fatigue Principle

Tricep Extension

Finally, the last thing that you may want to consider as you go about working to build chest muscle mass is to consider the pre-fatigue principle.

For some people, when they do the compound lifts such as the bench press, the tricep muscle will be doing most of the work for them. This is simply because they have extremely strong tricep muscles and very weak chest muscles.

Since the triceps are a helper muscle group for the chest, they take the brunt of the work.

To help overcome this so that you are forcing your chest muscles to do the work themselves, fatigue the triceps before doing your chest work.

Perform a few sets of tricep extensions, tricep kickbacks, or tricep press-downs and then move into your bench press exercise. If you do this, you can be guaranteed it will be the chest doing the work, not the helper muscles getting you through the lift.

So there you have all the vital points to remember as you learn how to build chest muscles. If you follow these tips along with a good workout program overall, you will be on your way for success.

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david dixon January 14, 2011 at 7:49 pm

On the dip what kind of dips ring chair or bar dips

Imnot Schwarzeneger January 11, 2012 at 4:19 am


I like bar dips; gives me the most range of motion. I also like the assisted type, really lets me work them to failure.


Peter Brown January 15, 2012 at 11:51 am

Im also struggling to get a bigger chest and is it a good thing just to do one muscle group a day because when i do chest i try to do alot off pushups in between sets,

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