How To Get Ripped Abs Fast

Ripped AbsI saw it again. Two women with plump middles head straight to a quiet area of the gym and do all sorts of ab exercises: crunches, twisting crunches, leg raises with a stability ball, twisting planks…

These women, like all women and men who believe this is the path to getting ripped abs, will be doing “spot-reducing” exercises till the end of time—and will never have anything to show for it but the same stomach rolls, beer belly, love handles and muffin tops.

No matter how many or how often you do any kind of exercise that isolates the abdomen and waist, it will NOT trim this area.

This is a pipe dream and also one of the biggest rackets to hit the fitness industry.

Why Tons Of Sit-Ups, Side Bends, Twisting And Planking Will Not Burn Away Belly And Waist Fat

It’s quite simple, actually. Fat is a dormant state of fuel.

Maybe you have a disproportionate amount of untapped fuel stored in your midsection. And maybe you just have excess fat all over your body evenly distributed.

Nevertheless, you’re hell-bent on shrinking that midsection, so you take to the floor and go at it: tons of crunches, bending, twisting, leg lifting, etc.

Because you think this will create a high enough energy demand to convert the fat in your middle to energy.

Won’t happen. This is because the muscles that you are working, with all the crunches, sit-ups, twisting, etc., are naturally weak, little muscles.

They are LITTLE. Little = Weak. Abdominal muscles are not designed to generate a lot of force.

This is why it’s impossible to do heavy lifting with the ab muscles.

If you’ve piled weight plates on a crunch machine and moved the machine for reps, believing that your abs did all or even most of this work, you are very mistaken.

The more weights you pile onto a crunch machine, the more that the muscles in your shoulders, arms and legs move the weights!

Abdominal muscles will not move heavy weights. They will not generate sufficient force to raise your body’s energy needs enough to rip into the fat (untapped energy source) that’s stored into your stomach!

Basics Of The Ripped Abs Workout

So here it is in a nutshell: To burn the fat away in your belly and waist, you must dramatically increase your body’s energy needs.

Working LITTLE muscles won’t accomplish this. You must work the naturally LARGE, force-producing muscles.

This means that the larger the muscle group that is worked, the more fat your body will burn for:

  • The energy to carry out this task
  • The energy needed to recover from this task, which can last for hours after the workout has ended!

Remember, little muscles produce very little results. Actually, that statement is not quite correct.

The correct statement is: Little muscles produce NO visible fat-burning results. None. Nada.

The Path To Getting Ripped Abs Is Built Upon:

  • Engaging the body’s biggest muscles
  • Performing compound exercises
  • Using weight loads that feel heavy to you
  • High intensity interval cardio

This is the simple, 4-pronged formula for stripping fat off your abdominal area, as well as throughout your entire body.

Note that this formula does not include any ab-specific or core-isolating exercises.

If you quit doing the “spot-reducing” ab motions altogether, for example, fixated solely on compound routines involving the legs and chest using heavy weights, plus did high intensity interval training (HIIT) just twice a week, the fat in your waist and belly would shrink like plastic wrap over a flame.

Is it still hard to believe that working muscles other than the abs can slash fat in the abs?

The proof is in people who have killer abs.

You will never, ever see:

• A man with a bristling six-pack, but chubby arms, a double chin and heavy soft legs.

• A man with a beer belly, but a ripped chest, shoulders and back.

• A woman with abs of steel, but flabby loose upper arms and chunky soft legs

• A woman with gorgeous, defined shoulders, streamlined arms and knockout legs, but rolls in her tummy!

This is because the very exercises that produce a six-pack are also the very exercises that will transform your entire physique into a lean, mean, rippling machine!

Details Of The Ripped Abs Workout

The blueprint is simple: Lift heavy. Focus on large muscle groups. Do compound exercises. Do HIIT.

Compound means working more than one major muscle group at a time.

The best compound routines for butchering fat in your stomach and waistline are also the best routines for slaying fat all throughout your body or in other “problem” areas.

The beauty of compound routines is that most also recruit abdominal muscles, so not only will you lose fat, but your abs will actually get some exercise.

Top Compound Routines Are:

There are more, but these would be a superb start, and there are variations within these as well, such as squatting while holding dumbbells or squatting using a tracked barbell device.

As mentioned earlier, you must use weights that feel heavy to you. The body requires much more energy when you use heavy weights.

Simple equation:

Heavier Weight = More Work = More Energy Required = More Fat Pulled From Your Belly And Elsewhere

This means that 8-12 repetitions are very difficult, and going beyond 12 is impossible. If after 12 reps of a lat pull-down, you can still keep going, the resistance isn’t heavy enough.

A true 8-12 rep max will require weights heavy enough to incite a body-wide, fat-burning hormonal response—you’ll lose fat all over, including in your middle.

Whip Belly Fat With HIIT

Long-duration, steady-pace aerobic exercise fails to wipe out fat because this type of movement isn’t demanding enough to incite that fat-busting hormonal response mentioned earlier.

Choose an all-out power pace (e.g., your fastest pedaling on high crank tension) that you can maintain for only around 30 seconds, and then do a recovery (very easy) pace for 1-3 minutes.

This alternating concept can be applied to any cardio machine. The power pace should be impossible to maintain for longer than 30 seconds.

A fit person can sprint down the street or on a track as hard as possible, then walk a few minutes in between.

Competitive sprinters have super ripped abs and this is not from thousands of crunches!

If you really want to know how to get ripped abs fast, add diet to the equation.

You can be doing the meanest compound exercise routine in the West, and still not show a six-pack because a thick layer of fat is being maintained by eating more food than your body requires. Rock-hard abs are hidden by this layer of fat.

A ripped abs workout needs to be combined with the right kind of diet to get and keep your body fat percentage low enough so that your hard work is clearly visible.

And this leads to a big question: What is the right kind of nutritional approach?

One that supports a strength training program steeped in heavy compound routines.

You may want to read Vince DelMonte’s No-Nonsense Muscle Building Program, as this includes complete meal plans to complement any fat-shredding workout regimen.

This book is designed for beginners as well as intermediate/advanced individuals who want to build lean muscle mass, and provides 29-week programs that change on a week to week basis, so that you’re always fired up with variety.

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