Advanced Workout Techniques To Build Muscle

Advanced  WorkoutAs you go about performing your muscle building workout plans, one thing that you should be considering is how you’re going to change those workouts around in order to keep them intense so you continue to see results.

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make as they go about their workout routine is that they just aren’t continually challenging the muscles, so after the adaptation process has taken place, you stop seeing the results that you had hoped for.

In order to continue to get stronger and bigger, you need to start implementing some intricate, advanced techniques into your muscle building workout plans so that you can keep up the results that you’re looking for.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to create advanced workout routines in order to keep your success coming.

Utilize Superset and Triset Training

The very first technique that you can use to create an advanced bodybuilding routine is supersets and trisets.

These are going to be where you take two or three different exercises and perform them one immediately after the other with little or no rest in between. Once the entire superset or triset is completed, then you can take a 30-60 second rest break before continuing again.

The great thing about this type of training is that the muscles that were just worked can rest while you continue on with the workout.

This is going to really up the overall intensity, cause a greater release of the growth hormones in the body, and help to also cut back on the total time you spend in the gym as well.

When choosing the exercises that you want to pair together, using an upper body movement and a lower body movement tends to work great when doing a full body workout set-up or if you’re doing an upper/lower workout design, then you would pair antagonistic muscles with each other.

So this would be something like the biceps with the triceps or the quads with the hamstrings for example.

Consider Pyramid Rep Schemes

The second of the advanced workout routines that you can do is one that incorporates pyramid rep schemes into it. This rep scheme is great since it’ll allow your muscles to work across a broad range of stimuli and help you develop a very well rounded strength and fitness level.

You’ll perform reps in the 6-8-10-12-10-8-8 rep range for example, adjusting the weight as you go.

The nice thing about this type of set-up is that it takes workout periodization which normally occurs over a time span of weeks or months and brings it into a single workout session.

You’ll work both max strength as well as muscular endurance elements at the same time.

Assess Your Rest Factor

Another must-do for success is to assess your rest factor as well. How long are you resting between each of the sets you perform?

One very fast and effective way to crank up the intensity instantly is to just shorten up the rest you’re using, forcing your muscles to complete more work in any given time span.

This will also provide you with some cardiovascular benefits as well as you go about your session, so you’ll reap rewards in that element as well.

Just one thing to note is that you should never take your rest periods so short that they’re causing you to have to significantly cut back on the amount of weight that you’re lifting.

While it’s good to shorten up the rests, you don’t want to really lighten the load or that can cause a loss of lean muscle mass to take place.

Play around with rest period length and find the perfect reduction amount where you can still lift heavy but notice that you are working much harder than you were before.

Use Pre-Fatigue

The pre-fatigue concept is another thing that you can do to build an advanced bodybuilding routine. This concept tends to work very well when a certain muscle group is lagging and it just seems that regardless of what you do you can’t bring it up.

For this principle, you’re going to perform some type of isolation exercise for whatever muscles aid the muscle you’re trying to target and then once those are fatigued, you’ll hit that target muscle with a compound movement.

So for example, let’s say you wanted to target your chest. You would perform a shoulder press (to fatigue the shoulders), as well as a tricep extension to fatigue the triceps, and after both of those were finished, then you would move to your bench press and now you’d only have your chest being called into play.

Earlier the shoulders and triceps could have been accounting for some of the work, thus reducing how hard the chest was contracting.

Now that those muscles are tired and not helping, everything will be on that chest muscle to really perform at a high level.

Change Up The Equipment

Finally, the last quick tip to help create more effective workouts is to change the equipment. If you’ve always been using barbells for instance, consider switching to dumbbells. Sometimes a slight variation like this can have a huge payoff in the end, so it’s something that you’ll want to consider.

Not only will this help to make your workout sessions more interesting, but it’ll challenge your body in new ways as well.

So there you have some of the key things that you can do with your muscle building workout plans to take them up a step to the next level. Never let yourself get too comfortable with your routine because as soon as you do, that’s when you’re going to stop seeing results.

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